Data not yet available

As part of the CLSA, a large amount of information is collected on participants in many forms, including questionnaire data, biospecimens and physical measurements. The process of reviewing and preparing this information for researchers is complex. Some of this information is still in the process of review and as a result is not yet available for researchers.

Questionnaire Data

  • Medications

  • Disease algorithms

Status: Under review, please check the website for updates.

Physical Assessments

  • Images from DEXA (except IVA Lateral Spine)

  • Images for Aortic Calcification

  • Images for Plaque


  • Blood

  • Urine

    Status: Please check the website for updates.

    Please email if you have any questions concerning biospecimen access.

    Please consult the Data Checklist for a list of the data that are currently available.